District 201 N2 Convention 16 - 18 October 2015


District 201N2, New South Wales, Australia


November - December is typical Lions Christmas Cake time.
Wollongong Lions Club actively sells cakes through major financial institutions throughout the Wollongong area, including  IMB, NAB, Westpac.

For information on the project go to Christmas cakes which takes you to the MD Lions site in a new window.

Cakes can be ordered by contacting us by email wollongong.nsw@lions.org.au

The cakes come in two sizes
1.5kg for $17
1kg for $13
900g Pudding $13

During January the Club operates the Driver Reviver site at the top of Mt Ousley on the corner of Clive Bissell Drive each weekend.The Club has been operating the "weekends in January" service for twenty years and are part of the culture at the site for this time of year. 

For more information on this project:- Driver Reviver Project

One week four time a year the club conducts a BBQ at the Wollongong Botanic Gardens.
For more information on this project:-Botanic Gardens BBQ

The Club has been a participant in the Youth of the Year project for many years. Select link for more information.

Wollongong Lions Club has initiated what it calls its Freedom Wheels Project.
All the Clubs in the District have pooled resources to fund the modifications made to bikes to those who have difficulty in paying for it. To date more 50 bikes have been funded. 
For more information about the Technical Aid for The Disabled Freedom Wheels Project click here.Take you to a new tab and the TAD site

This project is now a District project with the support of the 65 clubs at the District Convention held at Goulburn in 2012

A link to some You Tube videos on the Freedom wheel bikes are Here, Here and Here

Wollongong Lions has as one of its projects a Lioness Club. Wollongong Heights Lioness club has been established for over 30years.  For more information regarding the club click here.

The Club carries out BBQs at Officeworks North Wollongong. More information here