District 201 N2 Convention 16 - 18 October 2015


District 201N2, New South Wales, Australia

Wollongong Heights Lioness Club

Wollongong Heights Lioness Club has been part of the Wollongong service scene for over 30 years.

They meet for lunch each month,  Contact the Lioness Club Secretary for more information on 0419 274 174.

They currently have 12 members and are active in assisting at the Wollongong Blood Bank, Telecross and Wollongong Museum on a regular basis.

They knit squares or other items on a regular basis to support such programs. They are currently knitting the jumpers for lambs.

The Lioness Club actively support the projects conducted by Wollongong Lions Club, particularly Driver Reviver and the BBQ at Botanic Gardens.