District 201 N2 Convention 16 - 18 October 2015


District 201N2, New South Wales, Australia

Driver Reviver Project

Driver Reviver operates at the Mt Ousley Wollongong site. The site is on the corner of Clive Bissel Drive and Mt Ousley Rd (Princes Motorway M1). For the location click here.

The site has been in operation for over 30 years. Initially the site was operated by the local VRA group who utilised the Wollongong Heights Lions Club Van. In 1991 the VRA stopped operating the site, with control going to Wollongong Heights Lions Club. In 2003 Wollongong Heights Club closed with the membership going to Wollongong Lions Club. With that went this project.

Below shows the site being used by customers enjoying the shade under the awning supplied.

Customer at Lions Driver Reviver van

In 2017 after a 12 month break with the site being redeveloped as a proper truck stop we had our first outing during the October long weekend.

The redevelopment gave us a dedicated spot for the van as well as what we call "the shed" to store some of our goods on site. They also gave us access to teh only power outlet on site as the only power on site is solar.

The site now has toilet facilities available (5 off). The van is total gas operation for the urn and fridge.  Batteries operate the water pump. Water is transported to site in 20l containers and transferred to the vans water storage. If the van needs to be operated in night time hours we can utilise the power available on site

Our next operations will be June Long Weekend 9, 102, 11 June

Driver Reviver project is a nation wide operation sponsored by TOLL. For more information on the project click here.